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We deliver transformative sustainability solutions for government and corporate clients.


Whether providing LED lighting, utility infrastructure or air and surface purification, we can help you create a smarter and more efficient footprint.  



Trusted partnerships ranging from global enterprises to small business ensure we have the horsepower and ideal team to meet and exceed client expectations.


We have a solid track record of solving problems and driving results across industry sectors including government, healthcare, energy and telecommunications.


Experience, coupled with our entrepreneurial approach, means we adjust quickly to keep clients on target and maximize ROI.

LED Lighting. Utility Infrastructure. Air & Surface Purification.

OnPoint has a unique go-to-market strategy in that we work directly with best-in-class manufacturers and end-users, eliminating traditional layers of markup.  We collaborate with multiple distribution, logistics and electrical contractor entities to create the right team to meet each client’s unique requirements. This approach ensures that we remain nimble and flexible while providing seamless service.


 Since OnPoint was founded in 2011, the company has received multiple recognition and awards for outstanding performance.


Selected as one of 14 vendors among 12,000 globally for outstanding execution and valuable service to Texas Instrument

2015 Texas Instruments Blue Chip Award 

Recognized for excellence among diverse suppliers

2016 Oncor Outstanding Service Provider Award 

Received for performance excellence in Oncor’s energy efficiency program


Meet the Team

Co-founders Hector Grado and Amber Baldwin D'Amico have government and corporate experience in industries including energy, telecommunications, utilities and healthcare.

In 2011 Hector and Amber founded OnPoint based on their experience, commitment to trusted business relationships and belief in the transformative power of sustainable technology.

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