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Modern Office Buildings

Case Study 1: Exterior Campus

Provided turnkey solution for Dallas-based Fortune 50 company. Retrofitted more than 2000

exterior fixtures including area lights, walkway lights and bollards on multiple campuses.

Created lighting design specific to each space and corporate-wide template for exterior lighting.

Project resulted in significantly improved light levels, a 68% energy reduction and 20+ years of maintenance-free performance. 

fabrication facility.jpeg

Case Study 2: Interior Fabrication

Provided retrofit solution, replacing 32W T8 tubes with LED fixtures and eliminating half of fixtures. Result was significantly improved light levels, 80% energy reduction and 100% maintenance reduction in high-risk environment.

parking garage.jpeg

Case Study 3: Parking Garage

Replaced 1000 55W T5 fixtures with 240 74W LED technology resulting in a 55% energy reduction plus 100% maintenance and material savings. The 24/7 environment yielded a 2-year payback and improved security. Savings were enhanced with a motion sensing and dimming capability, delivering greater savings during off-peak hours. 

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